Our desire is to see God Transform the St. Louis Bi-state Region according to His will.

Our plan is to honor God the Father with Prayer in the name of Jesus Christ and encourage Unity in God's family.

The Global Move of Prayer is a new name for a multi church campaign in the St. Louis Bi-State Region to emphasize the importance of prayer and encourage the number and frequency of prayer gatherings to honor God in the name of Jesus Christ.  St. Louis area team members who coordinated the annual Pentecost events known as the Global Day of Prayer are now being led to encourage unity in God's family throughout each year.  Whereas past gatherings were held each year in Busch Stadium or Chaifetz Arena, the future direction is to get many gatherings in many locations.   The purpose has always been to honor God with prayer for repentance and healing and to encourage unity in His family according to Jesus' prayer in John 17:21.

The global events of last year on Pentecost drew millions of Christians in thousands of locations in 220 nations around the world.  The St. Louis area coordinating team spent last summer listening for the Lord's direction, and sensed that He is calling His family to build a stronger foundation of year round prayer and strive to pursue a "culture of prayer", both publicly and privately.  We feel we are to pray more often, listen more carefully, and obey Him more completely with ongoing acts of kindness and service to those in need.  We believe that as we discipline ourselves and make prayer our daily priority, the Lord will transform our Region according to His will.  (see "Prayer Connection")   We are calling on everyone who accepts the essential beliefs of Christianity as written in "The Apostles' Creed" and "The Nicene Creed" to participate.

To launch this "new season" of emphasizing year round prayer, we are recruiting churches to host prayer gatherings during the ten days prior to Pentecost this year (May 9th through 18th).  We are also asking churches to consider becoming a neighborhood prayer center.  The idea is for two or three local churches to meet together each month and build relationships and unity by praying with and for each other.  We can provide the coordination, and oversight, if desired, so not to add burden on pastors.  If you might be a host location, please contact Pam King at douknowjesus1@gmail.com.

The Global Move of Prayer represents many Christian churches, and everyone is welcome to join our monthly meetings from 7 pm to 9 pm on the first Monday for prayer and on the third Monday for planning. We meet at Memorial Presbyterian Church, 201 S. Skinker, St. Louis, MO 63105. For more information, please contact us at gmop.stl.prayer@gmail.com.

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